Growing Care, Expanding Networks – Initiate Your Social Project 101

By Yasmin Nur Habibah

The story started back in September 2018, as a freshman year college student, I was busy with college stuff and got no idea about getting additional activities to make my schedule as productive as I could. So, I took a look in one of the most-known organizations on campus, named AIESEC. I was quite uncommon with how the organization works, so accidentally, I registered the selection of a social project holder, and finally placed as the Organizing Committee Partnership for iCare Project. Basically, my job was around engaging partners named financial partner, education partner, in-kind partner, and media partner to support my project. The project aimed to raise awareness and concern for people with disabilities. We believe that everyone has a right to live in equality, in services and qualities. Those ten months of work were participated by ten local and seven international participants with high curiosity to join the social project. Although coming up with different cultures and characters, at the end of the project, we reached our objectives and succeeded to build good relations with all the partners, especially the education partners and the people inside them.

After one year finishing the project, with the same people (the current participants), we finally come back with a new social project named “We Care Initiative” (you can check it in Instagram, @we.care_project). With almost similar objectives, to help ‘special needs’ children in Indonesia. So far, our project has successfully raised funds internationally to help two children with disabilities who are in need of financial assistance in the process of treating their rare diseases. The significant differences in doing this project with the last one is about team managerial. Since we are no longer bounded by the institutions that oversee the projects we are holding, we created our own management system. From starting to determine the position and division of work, determining the schedule of meetings and management of social media, and maintenance efforts. Of course, each other’s busy-ness and voluntary vibes of the project are still the obstacles that we must face together until now.

With those experiences which I am still working on, I can take notes on how we actually should initiate our social project (and maintain it in the best way), these are the tips you can apply!

1. Start with your golden circle: What, Why, and How

What ideas you are going to create, why you are doing this project (linked with the objectives of the project), and how you will implement your ideas. This is important since your golden circle will be the base thing you and your team will hold on along the journey. By creating this, you will feel the real essential of the initiative you start, so it will be lived from the heart and give real impact to the society.

2. Engage as much as partner

Today’s era is about collaboration, I can say it is too old to create your own success alone, since we are living in an interdependency. Although your team has your own idealism and objectives to reach, partners will boost the productivity and make your impact bigger.

3. Monitoring and Controlling

In order to make sure our ideas are sustainable, controlling internal and external of the team is crucial. We will always be faced with many struggles and factors to stop the spirit of undergoing the project. A few tips, avoid the evaluation process without a solution. Criticism comes with solutions, both the improvement of old ideas and new ideas.

Are you ready to initiate your own social project? 

Yasmin is currently the undergraduate student of International Relations in Universitas Padjadjaran. Currently handling some projects such as We Care Initiative, FPCI Unpad Model United Nations 2020, and Indonesian IR Students. She can be reached through LinkedIn and Instagram.

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