5 Tips To Get Online Volunteering with United Nations Volunteers

By Devi Marietta Siregar

Contributing a positive impact on an international platform from your home is possible! I believe that everything is visible if you try to make an action through small or simple steps first. Volunteering is one of the actions that could open your perspective, broaden knowledge, expand the networking, and also pay forward to society with any skill you had. The journey of volunteering will lead you to a positive mindset and a great impact on humanity.

Getting involved in United Nations Volunteers is such a great experience and opportunity, moreover, it could be done online or remotely. United Nations has a platform to do this action, it is called UNV Online Volunteering ( From this website, everyone in the world can access opportunities from organizations that need support and provide three optional languages including English, French, and Spanish.

Here are some tips to get selected as an online volunteer in United Nations Volunteers:

1. Put your skills clearly with a good description that could support the task and requirements.

In order to be chosen, read thoroughly about the volunteering assignments of the organizations, the background of volunteers they need, then make it into words what you had and done that match with the requirements. If it’s necessary, put numbers or figures that estimate the action or impact you ever made. 

2. Be genuine, honest, and sincere in your motivation

Like to get funding or scholarship, writing your motivation might be difficult, but if you are really genuine and sincere to help as a volunteer for the organization, you could easily find why you want to support them from the bottom of your heart.

3. Tailor your CV and experience essay, be unique

The volunteering application form will need to be filled with a short essay about what you have done that related to the requirements. I don’t have any incredible or professional background in translating back then (the volunteering opportunity I applied on) then I wrote my cognitive skill and approaching experience and it worked!  If you have the same experience they need then demonstrate it into captivating words and show evidence of your skill or experience.

4. Apply as soon as possible

The organization might only have limited time or resources. So if you see an opportunity that is suitable for your background, skills, or experience, submit your application right away. Don’t think twice, nothing to lose in helping others.

5. Don’t get intimidated

Have been applied many times but never get any ‘acceptance’ email? No worries, any failed application must be directed into something good eventually. Keep trying, say no to discourage, please! The organization might receive volunteers who meet all the requirements or simply the time does not match. So, just apply for any other opportunity, you may be surprised that the email containing the ‘good news’ will be sent to your inbox someday.

Now, visit this and start your journey in volunteering immediately! Let’s make a positive impact wherever you are!

Devi Marietta Siregar

Devi Marietta Siregar is a chemical engineer, writer, mentor, and Indonesian youth empowering enthusiast. She graduated from Pukyong National University, South Korea under research scholarship or Professor scholarship. She has a dedication to education and youth empowerment. She could be reached on Instagram @devimarietta and read her unusual “Travel to Learn” journey on her personal blog.

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