3 Things a Volunteer Teacher Wants You to Realize

By A. J. L. Argonza

Volunteering is an avenue for people to nurture their passion for service and to develop social and cultural awareness. Different volunteering activities are usually in the form of relief or emergency operations, environmental initiatives, disabled or elderly assistance, and youth education. A huge number of organizations worldwide focus on youth education because the youth are often described as the future of the nation. Of course, every youth education project requires the support of enthusiastic volunteer teachers, but the learning definitely extends beyond the activity. Rather, it extends beyond the people involved in it. Below are three things that a volunteer teacher wants everyone else to realize:

1. Education is a priceless treasure that everyone should own.

Despite the fact that education is a right, it is still considered a privilege in many poor places. This is why less fortunate students are always prepared to face the scorching heat of the sun and the raging current of the river every day just to attend classes and the exhaustion from work and the dim light of a candle every night just to finish assignments. While many students feel forced to go to school, those in impoverished areas feel delighted to simply have the opportunity to do so. For them, education is the only gem they can earn that they cannot ever lose, and they make sure to protect and maximize their opportunity however difficult it is.

2. The growth mindset makes the future ten times brighter.

The common problem with the present generation is having a fixed mindset, which is the belief that intelligence and talents are fixed traits for every person. They skip obstacles and are threatened by the success of others because of the fear of being pressured to do more than they can. Volunteer teachers are trained in practicing and teaching the growth mindset to all their pupils. It is the belief that abilities can be developed through persistence and that problems are opportunities to learn new skills. People with this mindset tend to have a fulfilled future because they see effort as the path to mastery and are inspired to grow by hearing success stories.

3. Anyone who has the heart can build a classroom of dreams for everyone.

Most of the time, those who are deprived of basic needs are also deprived of the chance to dream. Their choices are limited by their situation in life and the discouraging people who surround them, leading them to think that they are incapable and do not have the right to go for what they truly set their sights on. A volunteer teacher knows that they can turn the fates of their students the other way around by building a classroom of dreams. A dream education is the most valuable knowledge one can impart to others, and anyone who has the heart can provide it.

No matter what event, volunteers are sure to carry valuable lessons that mold them to be effective agents of social transformation. What is amazing about being a volunteer teacher is that you get to impact the lives of those who have had their fair (or unfair) share of misfortune in ways you never thought you could. The moment you decide to willingly educate the future of the nation is the moment you believe that you are the spark of the light the world wants to see.

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